Event Review: GoGo Morrow Headlines First Show At TLA

Words By Marquita Davis      Photos By Derek Brad

Last Wednesday night, Philly’s music scene got a chance to witness a rising star achieve one of her dreams. Philly’s own, GoGo Morrow, headlined her first concert at South Street’s popular concert venue, The Theatre of the Living Arts. The RnB/pop artist put on one hell of a show.
Tye James
Aaron Camper
Opening for her were hot, talented singers Tye James and Aaron Camper. Both artists did an amazing job. As we waited for GoGo Morrow to start, the crowd moved closer and closer to the stage. The show started with an electrifying performance by her dancers, appropriately called the Gogettes. The girls emerged from under the stage and kept the crowd captivated with their eye-catching dance moves as the star of the night appeared on stage and started the show.
GoGo Morrow
The show itself was awesome. GoGo and her Gogettes gave an amazing performance. It was so good that you didn’t want to move or miss any part of the night. In between songs, a screen descended down onto stage and a couple videos were played through the projector. The first one was a montage of GoGo singing “Amazing Grace” as a kid and various clips of her different shows as she reflected on past accomplishments and dreams through narration. The second video showed a more humorous side of her and the Gogettes. Each of them were asked what made them the best Gogette and they gave funny,dramatic answers. By the end of the show, everyone was raving about how good it was.
I, personally, enjoyed every minute of it. GoGo Morrow is a hard-working female; for her to get a chance to headline her first concert as an unsigned artist in her hometown is amazing as a woman and an artist. It’s always a cool experience to watch someone that works so hard achieve their dreams. I do, however, wish she had a mixtape or album out so I would have been able to sing along. While I’m familiar with some of the songs she performed at the concert, I wanted to be able to song along so badly but I couldn’t. Hopefully, she will release something soon.
GoGo Morrow
GoGo Morrow


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