GoGo Morrow Private Dancer "Fan Favorite"

SOUNDBOMB recording artist GoGo Morrow announced that “Private Dancer” (which is just one of many songs that have come to be known as fan favorites), will be released for your listening pleasure.
Within just a few weeks , Private Dancer has quickly become a fan favorite, as GoGo takes command of your mind and sends you through an emotional hypnosis with a heart melting vocal performance with seductive lyrics, that rides over a gritty but sexy track.
It was during last month’s performance at the Theatre of Living Arts in Philadelphia, PA in front of an audience of 800+, “Private Dancer” was given life.
Following her latest performance, GoGo has received uncharted request from fans begging her to make “Private Dancer” available. When asked what was the energy behind her decision to put out the record, she replied in typical GoGo Morrow fashion: “It’s only fair to give my fans what they want!



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