Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Hello My Fellow Running Mates,

I hope that everyone is doing well and getting ready for a festive holiday season. Unfortunately for one of our own, this entire year has been extremely difficult and challenging. For those of you who may not know, Trinity Gray, my teammate at Brown University and an incredible middle distance athlete and competitor (400m:46.19 800m: 1:44.54 - fastest time by an American in 2001) was diagnosed with brain cancer at the start of the year and had to undergo brain surgery to remove the tumor in his head.

Only a few months later he had to undergo yet another operation. Luckily they believe they have cleared the tumor and Trinity is being cared for by one of the best doctors in the nation. Thankfully he also had his old Coach Bob Rothenberg present every step of the way.

However, Trinity has lost much of his eyesight and has had complications from his surgeries and medications. He currently is not able to work, and the paperwork for assistance from the state is taking considerable time, making Trinity have to bear an even greater sacrifice. I recently went down to Philadelphia to see Trinity and despite the immense challenges he has faced this year, he is still the incredible competitor we have known since we first met him. He is confident he will recover and get back to work as soon as he is able. He truly is an incredible inspiration to us all.

I am thus sending this post out to the running community to show our fallen brother that we are right by his side. We have raised close to 2,000 dollars thus far and people having been incredibly supportive. Whatever you can contribute, small or large the act of giving is what counts. Please also leave a message for him when you do, Trinity will most certainly be touched by seeing his running peers are thinking of him.

To donate, please go to this site I set up for him: http://helptrinity.chipin.com/trinity-gray

Thank you everyone. Keep living, keep running, keep believing...

Derek Schueren (Class of '98 Brown XC & Track)



The NEW iPhone 4G - Coming 2010

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By Clandestine

The iPhone 4G is COMING!!!

December 12, 2009 -

Are you ready? Release likely around June of 2010.

Lots of speculation is going around on the new iPhone 4g! Verizon Wireless is currently testing a CDMA version of the iPhone 4G and Verizon confirms they are making network changes to bring the iphone onboard. The new iPhone 4g is going to be loaded with awesome new features like video chat, multi-tasking and extreme downloading. (List of possible features below). Just when you think there is nothing else to come up with, more and more and more technology comes out. And it is on the rise, and not just at Apple, Inc!

Woo hoo! This iPhone 4g could also have dual core processors and higher and powerful graphic chips that can deliver higher video resolutions and better "still" images when taking pictures.

There are a few networks working on building a 4G network. T-mobile would be a likely carrier since they are GSM already. Sprint has a 4G network already... AT&T and Verizon Wireless are in the beginning stages. There are talks of Verizon Wireless getting iPhone sometime in 2010 since the exclusive contract with AT&T expires, but it could be renewed until 2012.

Rather or not it will be 4G will be up to them!... can they build in time? Regardless, there is much anticipation on how many people will leave AT&T for Verizon Wireless because of AT&T's lagging on MMS (pictures inside texts, or Multi Media Messaging) and app restrictions like Slingplayer and Google Voice.

AT&T's restrictions have caused the percentage of people that are JailBreaking their iPhones is on the rise since Jail Breaking usually comes with Cydia which is the app store for jail broken phones. Most of the applications, ringtones, and even iphone themes!...are free with Cydia. Winterboard is part of the download, and it very easily add's the changes to your phone so you dont have to figure how to do it on your own...it is VERY automated.

The Palm Pre on Sprint (Sprint now offering a 4G network) has made an attempt at being competitive with iPhone and Blackberry...but it's not looking good. Maybe their recent Android phone will help.

iPhone 4G looks promising in terms of being sleek, packed with new hardware and multi-tasking software. Very exciting.

A few features of iPhone 4G:

A new, sleeker body design.

OLED screen.

Multi-Tasking. (use multiple functions at once without going in and out of apps)

iChat camera (on the front so you can have video chat!!!)

32G (basic) and 64G of memory. Your sure to NEVER run out.


Video Camera Capabilites.

Messaging light.

True GPS built in.

A standard headphone jack!

Who's network do you want to see the new iPhone 4G on??? Should Apple stay with AT&T? **





Sunday, December 27, 2009

Harlem 'trailblazer', former World War II Tuskegee Airmen Percy Sutton dies

Civil rights activist Percy Sutton dies at age 89.
Civil rights activist Percy Sutton dies at age 89.

Percy Sutton, the pioneering civil rights activist, Harlem political powerhouse and media titan, died Saturday. He was 89.

His cause of death was not clear Saturday night.

Sutton was considered one of New York's most influential figures, spawning the careers of a who's who of prominent black politicians.

"Tonight, we say farewell to one of New York's and this nation's most influential African-American leaders - a man whom I am proud to have called a friend and mentor throughout my entire career," Gov. Paterson said in a statement.

"Percy Sutton was a trailblazer. ... He will be missed but his legacy lives on through the next generations of African-Americans he inspired to pursue and fulfill their own dreams and ambitions."

The son of a slave, Sutton grew up in San Antonio, Texas, the youngest of 15 siblings.

He fought with the famed Tuskegee Airmen during World War II.

After receiving an honorable discharge from the Army Air Corps with the rank of captain, Sutton enrolled in the Brooklyn College Law School.

He received his law degree in 1950.

Three years later, he opened his law office in Harlem and quickly became one of the country's best-known lawyers. ActivistMalcolm X and boxer Sugar Ray Robinsonwere among his first clients.

Sutton also began a long association with the NAACP, and immersed himself in the civil and human rights movement.

In the late 1960s, Sutton turned his attention to politics, becoming a New York State assemblyman.

He ran for the Manhattan borough president post in 1966 and won in a landslide.

Sutton held the position for 12 years. During that time, he became a leader of the so-called Harlem Clubhouse, a group of black leaders that dominated Democratic politics in Harlem for years.

Among the "Gang of Four" were former Mayor David Dinkins, Rep. Charles Rangel, and former New York Secretary of State Basil Paterson, the governor's father.

"As a member of the Gang of Four, [Sutton] spawned the successful careers of so many other African-American leaders," Paterson said. "It was Percy Sutton who talked me into running for office and who has continued to serve as one of my most valued advisers ever since."

Sutton went on to become a radio mogul, purchasing WLIB-AM in 1971, making it the first black-owned radio station in New York City.

In 1977, Sutton ran for the democratic nomination for mayor, but lost to Ed Koch.

He was also instrumental in the revitalization of Harlem's Apollo Theater.

"When I think of Harlem, my mind goes to Percy Sutton. When I see the Apollo Theater, I think Percy Sutton. When I think of a man who has given in so many ways to our community, his name is Percy Sutton," Rangel once said of Sutton.

Sutton is survived by his wife, Leatrice; his son Pierre, and daughter Cheryl.


Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/2009/12/27/2009-12-27_harlem_trailblazer_percy_sutton_dies_former_tuskegee_airman_and_manhattan_beep_w.html#ixzz0audbqVJr

Monday, December 21, 2009


Sigel In Car Accident

Sigel In Car AccidentRapper Beanie Sigel was involved in a car accident on Saturday night in Baltimore, MD. According to various reports he was traveling as a passenger on I-95 when a tractor trailer sideswiped the vehicle he was riding in. Representatives for the rapper say that he suffered several non severe injuries to his face, legs and arms.

His current condition is unknown.

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Ray Crouch, a senior at Danbury High School, logged onto the computerin his family’s living room just after 5 p.m. on Tuesday and entered theWeb site of the Yale admissions office.Suddenly the screen turned blue — Yale blue — and an image of a bulldog, the university mascot, appeared, followed by “Welcome to the Class of 2014.” Ray, 18, had been offered a spot in the next freshman class, under its early-admission program. Standing behind him, his mother, Caroline, screamed.

But that was only the beginning. Moments later, Ray’s brother, Kenny, also 18, went to the Yale site and got an identical message. He was followed by their sister Carol. Same news. Then the room fell silent. Ray, Kenny and Carol are quadruplets, and their sister Martina had applied to Yale, too. “I was thinking, it’s going to be really awkward when I don’t get in,” Martina recalled Friday. But the computer turned blue for her as well, which prompted such an outpouring of joy from their mother that she wrestled their father, Steven, to the floor in a hug. The Crouches’ perfect batting average represents a first for Yale — the first time in anyone’s memory that it has offered admission to quadruplets. It is also, of course, no small milestone for the siblings, who were born more than two months premature. (Ray was the last to be released from the neonatal unit, more than four months later.) They made up for that rough start. Their class rankings range from 13 out of a class of 632 (Kenny) to 46 (Martina) — and they have sky-high SAT scores (including Carol’s perfect 800 on the verbal part of that exam).

One advantage that Yale may hold in landing the four Crouch children is that they seem reluctant to part, after being inseparable for so long. Which is not to say they have not imagined what it would be like to go solo.

As Kenny put it: “It might be fun to go somewhere where I’m not ‘one of the quads.’ ”

This is the stuff we like to hear…keep up the good work.

VIA http://bossip.com/

Quincy Harris Live Fox 29 7:00am - 10:am

Quincy Harris Live Fox 29 7:00am - 10:am