50 Cent Inks Cell Phone Deal

50 Cent Inks Cell Phone Deal
50 Cent is reportedly launching a new cell phone venture. According to 50's manager, Chris Lighty, the G-Unit head has signed a deal with UberMedia to debut Uber50, a custom theme for users of UberMedia's Blackberry-based Twitter app UberSocial.
"[The deal between 50 and UberMedia] was [struck] during the period that Uber got locked out of Twitter and got fined," Lighty said. "[50] had to use a different app. He was one of them [going crazy] and one of the more vocal [ones.] Uber saw that and contacted us."
Additionally, 50 Cent also plans to move further into the health foods market. The rapper plans to launch a vitamin supplement company.
"We're working on a new supplement company," Lighty said. "We're going to build new supplements cause it's a big opportunity like Vitamin Water was. We want to market and promote it when we put out 50's album. There are different options of penetration for supplements through music; like going to GNC [for] protein shakes, vitamins, [etc.]. No beverage. When you go to a vitamin shop, there's no one of pop culture [representing], it's mostly muscle heads. We'll cut through the clutter with 50 in the store saying, 'You want to be 10% of me so take what I'm taking.'"


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