Apple has yet to reinvent itself and iPhone facial recognition has arrived [Video]

  • (Photo: REUTERS / Brian Snyder)<br>A man uses a computer at the Apple Store in Boston.

Unconfirmed rumors have been circulating around a new revamping of the Apple Store experience, referred to as Apple Store 2.0.
One of the major additions to the store will be the "Startup Sessions." This area will be dedicated to helping people start up their newly acquired devices.

Also, another significant change will be Apple's signage. Currently, Apple stores have paper signs next to their products, but with Apple Store 2.0, all current signage will be replaced with interactive iPads. This new makeover is a huge deal for Apple. According to, the company has been working on these changes for some time now. The development of the project was led by CEO Steve Jobs and Apple's design chief Jony Ive. In other Apple news, the $7 RecognizeMe tool by Apocolipse is available. The tool unlocks your phone by matching stored images of your face. It takes just a few seconds of holding the device in front of your face for the phone to unlock. However, reviews of this tool are far from glowing. stated: "At this point, RecognizeMe is a $7 gimmick that might impress your grandmother (assuming she doesn't ask to try it herself), but if you need to keep your device under lock and key, a tried-and-true passcode is still the way to go." Let's hope the song they chose for the video turns out to be true, in that it will keep getting 'better all the time.'


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