Cassidy Is Mad At Swizz Beatz

Cassidy Is Mad At Swizz Beatz
After crafting such hits as "My Drink and My 2Step" together, Cassidy and Swizz Beatz don't appear to be buddies anymore. For his part, Cassidy sounds like a bitter ex. The rapper recently blasted superproducer Swizz Beatz for not showing him enough attention.
Okay, that's not exactly what he said, but it sure feels like that's what he's trying to say.
“@THEREALSWIZZZ don't even answer my calls anymore: we ain't speak in over a year: I thought we was fam, but times change, Smh That why I changed.. Ain't no love loss.. It is what it is,” he tweeted. “It's never a war, I'm just speaking my mind.. How can we talk if you never pick up, You said you let me do my own thing ASAP, but what does that have to do wit communicating, since I'm doing my own thing you don't talk to me anymore.. Thats crazy..,” he continued. “the only reason I'm on twitter is cause that's the only way I can reach you.. RealRap.”


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