Nicki Minaj On 'Queen of Hip Hop

Nicki Minaj On 'Queen of Hip Hop:'
Nicki Minaj was flattered at Rolling Stone magazine calling her the new 'Queen of Hip Hop' some months back. Nicki sounded humbled by the recognition but acknowledged that there is no real weight to the 'title,' and that she doesn't make music so that she can be dubbed the 'queen' of anything.
"It was very, very amazing to me," Minaj said. "I was so excited 'cause [Rolling Stone's] really respected, and then when I went on all the TV shows, they kept on saying, 'She's been dubbed the New Queen of Hip-Hop by Rolling Stone magazine,' so I was like, that happened at the perfect time...I'm honored because I obviously have been working hard to get to this place. Whether or not I'm the queen of anything, everybody's gonna have their own opinion and I don't do this thinking 'I'm the queen of this, I'm the queen of that.' I just feel like I'm working hard and I just want people to recognize that."


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