Wale On Rick Ross' Mentorship

Wale On Rick Ross' Mentorship:
Rapper Wale recently revealed just how much he's learned since he's been affiliated with Rick Ross' Maybach Music. The D.C. rapper says being Ross has given him a deeper appreciation of music and being an artist.
"I never knew how to get lost in music. I never knew how to just wake up, smoke a J, and play music all day," Wale explained when asked what he has learned from Ross. "I do that now. When I recorded [my 2009 debut] Attention Deficit, I treated the studio like it was a 9-5. I walked in there with my briefcase--which was my book bag--with my music, some energy drinks, and some weed. I come in at 11 and I clocked out at five no matter what I got done. Now, there's times where I left the studio at nine in the morning after I went in at six the night before."


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