50 Cent's Interscope Frustration

50 Cent's Interscope Frustration
50 Cent has explained his recent grievances with Interscope and the release of his new single, "Outlaw." According to 50, the few months of iciness between himself, Dr. Dre and Interscope head Jimmy Iovine hampered the single's release for months. 50 lashed out Interscope previously via his Twitter page. In a recent interview, He explained why things had gotten bogged down.
"So I had the record I was ready to launch, and we sat down and everybody talked," he said. "What happens is, there are a lot of people involved in my actual launch, because its three parties; it's Shady, then you got Aftermath, then you got Interscope, and then you got me on my end. So by the time we got to go sit down with [Interscope chairman] Jimmy [Iovine], we talked a little bit, and then I ended up having to go see Dre, because we had the little issue, the confusion about the Twitter stuff."
"It's not necessarily Dre or Jimmy [holding up the process]; it's more the guys that they pass the responsibilities onto," he added. "It takes longer for people, because they'll be like, 'OK, we're gonna do this and we're gonna do that,' and the building will start having those conversations, but they're not actually moving at that point."
50 announced that he would also be appearing on Dr. Dre's next single, "The Psycho." The two have ended their dispute over 50's custom headphones--a dispute which many speculated centered on Dre's belief that 50's audio equipment brand would directly conflict with his.


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