Asher Roth On Justin Bieber

Asher Roth On Justin Bieber:
In a recent interview with XXL, alt-rapper Asher Roth shared his history and friendship with pop sensation Justin Bieber. According to Roth, he and Bieber became good friends when they both lived in Atlanta, and Roth still supports the young star in everything that he does.
"Bieber is my guy, like, I think people really think I'm joking or I'm lying when I say we legitimately used to babysit him," Roth revealed in the interview. "Not on some young kid stuff but we would look out for him and look after him. When I was in Atlanta, I had moved to Atlanta, Bieber moves down the street from me and he was like 12, 13 at the time. We used to just come over and hang out. We used to play [video game] Rock Band and chill. I have Bieber rapping on the [2008 Greenhouse Effect mixtape] 'Cannon' [song]. ... You cannot not be happy for an over successful fun loving good kid. He's a really, really awesome dude...He's a hip-hop head, he really is -- he loves it. I might have to ghostwrite for him but other than that, he's a good dude. I'm really excited to see what he does in the future."


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