Beanie Sigel Clarifies Jay-Z 'Apology'

Beanie Sigel Clarifies Jay-Z 'Apology'
Beanie Sigel is denying reports from earlier this month that he 'apologized' to his former friend Jay-Z for their longstanding feud. According to Sigel, he was just putting the situation behind him--but he never apologized. Beanie says he has nothing to apologize for.
“I never made a public apology, I talked to somebody from a magazine, and they brought that issue up," Beans said of the miscommunication. "You never hear me say ‘apology.’ What I said was, to stop that interviewer from asking me those questions, and everybody else who asked those questions,” he said. “I felt how I felt and I still feel how I feel. But, just letting it go for everybody else. Hustler’s number one rule is never lose your cool. I broke one of the hustler’s rules. Gangstas f*ck up, but at the end of the day, I still feel how the f*ck I feel.”


Anonymous said…
Jay ain't worried about this reniger

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