Beanie Sigel Explains His Absence

Beanie Sigel Explains His Absence
Beanie Sigel knows that he's been away for awhile. Despite making constant waves with his apologies and non-apologies to former friend Jay-Z, Sigel hasn't released any music lately. But the Broad Street Bully explained his hiatus recently.
He just wanted to spend time with family.
"I think it's all timing with me. I just had to go back," Sigel said in an interview. "For me, running constantly since I was first came on the business, I never had a chance to sit still. I got kids and everything. I had a couple issues in my life that made me have to sit down, unwillingly, and when I came home, I had a little paper trail. So just that time for me to be with my kids, I was missing out on a lot of things. I just enjoyed that and got comfortable in that zone."


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