Beyonce On Being A Role Model

Beyonce On Being A Role Model:
Millions of girls the world over idolize Beyonce, and the superstar doesn't take that position lightly. Despite the fact that some have complained about the sexuality prevalent in many of her videos, Bey is very serious about being a role model.
"Being a role model is something that I’ve always been," Beyonce said in an interview. "It’s not something I became, it’s something I was already because I had a younger sister and I believe that being a role model is something every woman is even if you don’t realize it. There’s always someone watching you, someone that admires you and I believe we help each other so much and I don’t take being a role model lightly."
Beyonce also discussed why her new album is called simply 4.
"To be honest with you, my fans actually suggested the number four as the title. I saw for the past year that they kind of claimed it. They just said “were waiting for ‘4’, we’re waiting for ‘4’” and I said “Alright fans, I think you’re right.”


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