Beyonce On Beyonce

Beyonce On Beyonce:
Beyonce recently opened up a series of short interviews asked by designers Tom Ford, Riccardo Tisci, Stefano Pilati and Gareth Pugh. She shared quite a bit about her mindset and view of herself.
"I used to be very shy. I don’t think I’m shy any more," Beyonce told Tom Ford. "I get really uncomfortable when I’m not performing on the stage or on a photo shoot and have too many people looking at me expecting a performance. It make me kind of shut down and become shy. I’m happier to talk to people and try to learn something from them. I’m better at one-on-one conversations. I do become shy and a bit intimidated when it’s a large group of people, I definitely retreat. At a big dinner I just hope that no one expects anything from me. I wish I’d disappear."


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