Big Pun's Widow Slams Joell Ortiz

Big Pun's Widow Slams Joell Ortiz
Big Pun's widow, Liza Rios, has taken rapper Joell Ortiz to task over his song "Big Pun Is Back." Rios claims she found the song to be disrespectful--especially considering Ortiz didn't seek her blessing before using her late husband's name.
"A lot of people are asking how I feel bout Joell Ortiz's 'Big Pun is Back,'" she said. "Well it was a good attempt on Joell Ortiz part BUT a Big Pun he will Never be! Found it a bit disrespectful that he would say he the next Christopher Lee Rios to say the least.. With no regard to me and my family especially my son--Pun's only son--which should be the only one to claim that Big Pun is back.."
"lke let me tell u something, if Pun's torch is being passed down then it will be to his son it's his birthright. Not Joell." she continued. "And the fact that he didn't even ask to begin with to see if I was cool "passing the torch" is disrespectful! Point blank. At the end of the day, only how I feel matter cuz that's my husband, my name, my torch to pass!"


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