Cover Urban Ink Magazine Feat Prodigy Kitti Kouture, & Vanessa Veasley

Prodigy Urban Ink Cover

Shot by New York photographer Howard Huang, the upcoming cover of Urban Ink Magazine explores the good vs. evil that dwells within us all, but more specifically rapper Prodigy. Of the many magazines clamoring to interview Prodigy or review his new book, My Infamous Life: The Autobiography of Mobb Deep’s Prodigy, I'm glad that I could be a part of this cover. It may seem strange that I, having no tattoos, would be featured in an ink magazine, but as you see model Kitti Kouture and I are angelic and devilish adversaries... and angels, of course, don't have tattoos. Yeah. I'm a good girl. Hehehe... Anyway, peep the preview courtesy of AllHipHop and pick up the issue later this month!

Kitti Kouture & Prodigy


sweetsugarita said…
i like this pic SCREENSAVER!!! LOL
Mark Wins said…
looks like it's time to google kitti kouture and vanessa veasley...

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