iNK Get Swanky With Cynthia Mejias On Fashion

Hello Ms Mejias i hope all is well. 

Hi. I'm doing great! The weather is finally beautiful in New York. That means time to pull out the sandals!

How your day going so far?

First and foremost I would like to say that God and my family are my life. Fashion is not.

I see that fashion is your life. How did you become so focus and lock in to fashion?

Now I became focused and locked into fashion when I was 16 years old. But going back, in 5th grade I remember being super obsessed with a pair of purple jean shorts with leather pockets and in Middle School I absolutely loved my jelly heels. All throughout High School I would cut up my tops and jeans to make different outfits and experimented a lot with the arts & crafts store lol. But yeah, when I was 16 I put my first photo shoot together for what I thought would be my "model portfolio" haha. I cut out pages from several fashion magazines and used them as guides for poses as well as outfits. I laid out everything in my room the day of and got to work. Looking at the photos now, I simple shake my head. I tried. But ever since that day I have been fixated on fashion. 

Where are you from and attend school at? 

I was born and raised in Holyoke, MA but my parents are from Puerto Rico. 

Did you go to a fashion school?

I did not go to a fashion school. I went to Lasell College, a private school in Newton, MA (right outside of Boston) to originally study Fashion Design but then later changed to Information Technology. I always considered myself to be a cool nerd. Loved technology and games just as much as fashion. But things went real sour my 2nd year and I roughed it out until I eventually just dropped out. 

Where did you get your "Swank" from? Wait i know it's Swanky, but can i say swank?

You can call me Swank lol Some people call me Swank or Swankster, but it did begin with Swanky. It was actually given to me by a really cool guy, Dorian Missick. He always called me Swanky and it stuck. I started using Swanky Cyn instead of Caviar Cyn on Myspace, Facebook, and twitter and without ever asking anyone to call me that or introducing myself as that it picked up. It fit, I fell in love with it, and so I ran with it.

It seems like shoes are your main focus. What are your top 5 shoe designers? 

My top 5 shoe designers are Gianmarco Lorenzi, YSL, Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo, and Gucci.

What's the importance in having on a Swanky shoe?

It's important to have a Swanky shoe because it can make you or break you. It can either ruin a great outfit or take a so-so ensemble a step up. One single swanky pair of shoes can boost your confidence and create several new outfit opportunities. Also, men are getting hip to footwear and they can see an attractive girl with awful shoes and completely pass on her.

How much power is it to have a shoe that completes your outfit you as a whole?

It's so much power in a shoe now more than ever. But not any kind of power--STAYING power, that is if you take good care of them. Bags had their time, and right now it's all about the shoe. Like I said before,  a shoe can either ruin a great outfit or take a so-so ensemble a step up. It brings the whole look together and gives you that swanky factor. And aside from that it helps your posture, therefore walking with confidence and giving off an energy that everyone will be attracted to. 

Fancy, posh, trendy, glamorous...Swanky. Like every color Giuseppes, your guilty pleasure is me


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