It’s official: Owners tell players there will be a lockout


NBA & NBA Players Association Announce New CBA 

This is a sad day for the NBA.
We all knew it was coming. Frankly, everyone has been expecting this for a couple of years now, you could see the storm clouds gathering for that long. It doesn’t make it feel any better.
And things are only going to get worse in the short term. Not better.
Owners informed the players during a bargaining session Thursday that they will lockout players starting at midnight, according to multiple reports.
No further bargaining sessions are scheduled. Here is what union director Billy Hunter told Ken Berger of CBSSports:
“I’ve been anticipating this lockout for the last two or three years, and now it’s here.”
Hunter also said that the NBPA — the player’s union — does not plan to file to decertify, as the NFL players union did.
Now that there is a lockout (well, technically starting at midnight eastern), expect both sides to start playing a little hardball — the owners may well take back some of the concessions given up in recent bargaining sessions. The players also will dig their heels in.
The only question becomes will the sides be able to reach a deal before games are lost. That would mean, roughly, reaching a deal by Oct. 1 (there could be wiggle room there, but they need a month to have an abbreviated free agency and training camps).
That’s a long time away, but these two sides have been talking for two years and a lockout is where we are now.



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