Jimmy Henchmen Associates Implicated

Jimmy Henchmen Associates Implicated
Jimmy "Henchmen" Rosemond continues to be implicated in controversy after controversy. Two men associated with the music manager have been charged with the murder of an associate of rapper 50 Cent. This was after an incident involving an assault on Rosemond's teenaged son outside of Violator Management's headquarters in March of 2007.
In September 2009, shortly after being released from prison for the assault, Lowell "Lodi Mac" Fletcher was shot and killed. Lodi Mac and G-Unit's Tony Yayo allegedly took part in the assault on Rosemond's son. Federal investigators believe that Rosemond hired two men to murder Fletcher in retaliation for the assault.
Rodney Johnson and Brian McLeod, two men associated with Rosemond's alleged cocaine trafficking business are accused of carrying out the hit on Fletcher. Rosemond is a fugitive on the run facing federal distribution charges. According to AllHipHop, Rosemond could face RICO charges as well due to his being implicated in several criminal activities stretchin back farther than a decade.
Rosemond associates have also been mentioned in connection to the 2002 murder of Jam-Master Jay in Queens and the 1994 shooting of 2Pac in Manhattan.
A month after the assault on Rosemond's son, Tony Yayo's mother's house was riddled with gunfire. No arrests were made. A year later, 50 Cent's road manager's house was firebombed--the day before Yayo was to appear in court. Five months after that, 50 Cent's Long Island mansion burned down.


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