Kid Cudi On His Sobriety

Kid Cudi On His Sobriety:
Kid Cudi opened up about the fan reaction to his newfound sobriety. The rapper who branded himself 'The Lonely Stoner' is proudly drug-free, but says that his audience hasn't embraced the new Cudi with open arms.
"There were a lot of write-ups where people were just sh*tting on it and there were a lot of people who were like, 'We liked you better when you were on drugs,'" Cudi revealed in an interview. "It's kinda like, 'Man, OK, well you weren't a fan to begin with so f*ck you,' and I like myself better off drugs. So it's about me and it's about evolving and it's about change. It's about becoming a man; it's about becoming mature...Ten years from now I'm going look at my discography and I'm gonna be proud of it -- I don't want to be 10 years from now looking at my discography, like, 'Man, I was a f*cking knucklehead when I made that.'"


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