Kreayshawn On Ke$ha Comparisons

Kreayshawn On Ke$ha Comparisons:
Youtube sensation Kreayshawn is continuing to generate tremendous buzz. But the Oakland-based pop rapper with the oddball Internet hit "Gucci Gucci" is noticing that she's often being compared to pop star Ke$ha. Kreayshawn doesn't see the similarities--at least not beyond one obvious similarity.
"She's cool," Kreayshawn said about Ke$ha. "I wouldn't compare myself to her, but she's pretty sweet. I think people just compare something to something else just 'cause they don't know what it is and they want to relate it to something like, 'this is like Ke$ha.' They don't want to be like, 'this is new. I never heard of it. It's Kreayshawn. No, it's just some sh*t we kinda heard before.' Kreayshawn is Kreayshawn. People are gonna be like, 'this reminds of Kreayshawn' in a couple of months. I'm trying to work."


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