Kreayshawn Signs Record Deal

Kreayshawn Signs Record Deal
YouTube sensation-of-the-moment Kreayshawn has reportedly been signed to Sony Records, after her song "Gucci Gucci" received over 1.5 million YouTube views. She has been bashed by several blogs and hip hop fans all over the Internet.
But several rappers voiced support for Kreayshawn via Twitter.
"I didn't graduate high school. Matter a fact I don't think I really graduated middle school.. I am a film school drop out. Im a piece of s**t but, I am raw talent," she shared on her website. "Nothing but, unfiltered pain and torture I received as a child in the cold world. Nothing's nice about my style. I just got s**t to do. Art is my means to my hustle. I just wanna share everything with everyone."
She's also directed videos for other artists, including Lil B.


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