Lil Mama Leaving Rap Behind?

Lil Mama Leaving Rap Behind?
Lil Mama has been keeping busy with her hosting gig on "America's Best Dance Crew," but the former pop-rap star has hinted that she may be shelving her other job--that would be her lukewarm music career--indefinitely. While her latest song "On & On & On" was released in May, Mama said that music isn't high on her priority list anymore.
"Um, I'm just living my life, you know," Mama said when asked if she is working on a new album. "I'm about to move to Paris. I don't even know about music anymore. [Am I serious?] Maybe. I just dropped a new single, 'On & On & On' and it's getting a really good response. So I just want to thank my fans for that."
Mama did have praise for fellow femcee Nicki Minaj.
"[Nicki Minaj?] She's talented," Lil Mama said. "She's doing her thing and she has her path and I wish her the best. God bless her."


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