Mannie Fresh On Mystikal's Album

Mannie Fresh On Mystikal's Album:
Superproducer and former Cash Money Records hitmaker Mannie Fresh is hard at work prepping the comeback album for fellow New Orleans native, rapper Mystikal. Mystikal was released from prison in January after serving 6 years for sexual battery and extortion, he also received an additional year for tax evasion which he served concurrently. This would be the former chart-topper's first album since 2001's Tarantula.
But according to Fresh, the album they're working on will not disappoint.
"The amount of hits on that is nuts, because we were just sitting in the car vibing," Fresh said in an interview. "I was just going through beats, and he was rapping on it, and I'm trying to convince him [that] I think that would be his mixtape...I think we should go through the songs that everybody liked, put that out as free music then do the album. I am pushing for that."


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