Soulja Boy's Racist Rant

Soulja Boy's Racist Rant
Soulja Boy exploded in a racist tirade against critics on his Facebook page. The rapper blasted anyone who 'likes' his Facebook page just to trash him as an artist, and he went so far as to target White people, in particular. Perez Hilton posted the rant in its entirety.
"WHO THE f*ck "likes" an artist on facebook who they dont LIKE. DUMB A**," the rapper began. "If you dont like ME or my music UNLIKE the page and let the people who do enjoy their artist giving updates and music out. sh*t getting out of hand now. GTFOH you stalkers" "how can you say "i hate you" blah blah blah. when you are on my page that doesnt make any sense! it sounds crazy you are stalking a person who you dont like WTF kinda sh*t is that. no life having b*tches" "haters are so f*cking stupid! "i dont like soulja boy so im gonna like his facebook and wait till he post a video to be the 1st one to comment" n***a get the f*ck out of here go get some pussy and stop being a lame"
"p@ssy a@@ white boys make me sick man. LET A BLACK MAN SHINE AND DO SOMETHING POSITIVE!!!" his rant continued. "D@MN YALL ALREADY GOT MONEY AND LIVING RIGHT STOP HOLDING US BLACK PEOPLE DOWN TRYING TO DO SOMETHING POSITIVE WITH THEIR LIVES! YALL BEEN f#ckING WITH US SINCE THE BEGINNING OF TIME. if I don't like a artist im not going to like their facebook and talk to them. use common sense and stop being stupid."
"IM TIRED OF WHITE PEOPLE DOING US LIKE THIS MAN!! THEY TREAT US SO WRONG!!" Soulja Boy added. "f#ck THEM MAN ON GOD!! fu*k THEM FOR LIKING A BLACK MANS FACEBOOK JUST TO TALK sh#!! #ck RACIST I HATE YOU" "Maybe I finally said the right sh#t to get these racist to unlike my page. Fans i'm sorry you had to read this. but we must take a stand. they WILL not treat us like this any longer. I dont give a f#ck."


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