50 Cent Talks Big

50 Cent Talks Big
50 Cent sounds confident in his upcoming album. But then again--50 always sounds confident. But this album has been delayed numerous times and even shelved indefinitely at one point--so how good can it be, really? According to Fif--it's very good.
But again--that's according to Fif.
"I can't wait till my album comes out. I think things will shift," 50 said. "Everybody who fell in love with what I fell in love with in hip-hop will respond to it because it's got the right tones on it...I did four songs in Detroit with [Eminem]. I did two with Just Blaze, a Boi-1da joint, and I did something with Alex Da Kid. I got some heat...We made two that are definite singles and the other two are the kinds of records that we been making, more aimed at my core audience, more aggressive, more of a different kind of energy to it...I say, which one makes me feel good when I hear it? That's the one I'm keeping."


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