50 Cent Thanks Dre & Eminem

50 Cent Thanks Dre & Eminem
50 Cent is his own man and his own artist, but the Queens-born rapper can never forget the two mentors that helped him become the superstar that he is today. 50 shared his appreciation for Dr. Dre and Eminem and all that they've done throughout his career--and especially the faith that they had in him early on.
"You don't really expect to have someone come into your life... that you know has nothing but good intentions," said 50 of Eminem. "He made so much money selling records that he don't really have interest in a lot of the other stuff... So for me, they'll be asking me questions...about the deals I do away from music. For Dre, the big thing was the 'Beats,' the headset."
"I love Dre...Without 'In Da Club' and Dre's guidance on the first record...none of those other things would've happened!" 50 added. "That's the biggest record of my career still! Dre can be difficult at times, and not intentionally. He can be on his own and in his world...like the [headphone thing], we had to clear that up face-to-face, me and Dre, personally."


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