Bow Wow Denies Daughter Rumors

Bow Wow Denies Daughter Rumors
Bow Wow has come out denying reports that he has fathered a baby girl. Despite the fact that his career has been comatose for years, the rapper still manages to somehow get caught up in the rumor mill. He doesn't confirm or deny that there may be a kid that's his somewhere--but Bow does say the current reports are false.
"Picture on mediatakeout aint my daughter... Some bloggers f*cking suck at they job. Get accurate info for once. Stop feeding people bullsh*t," Bow Wow tweeted. "I dont need no blogs to tell my fans nuffn. Ill share my personal issues with my people when i feel comfortable. They will be 1st to know."
Dude, just be happy anybody wants to know.


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