Cassidy Has No Beef With Swizz

Cassidy Has No Beef With Swizz
Cassidy got some attention earlier this year when he went off on Swizz Beatz via Twitter for not returning his phone calls. But now, Cassidy says the whole thing was blown out of proportion and he has no issue with the superproducer.
“I wasn’t really saying it to Swizz, I just was saying it to the people like my followers and fans, the people that hold me down and was wondering - what is the relationship with you and Swizz like?” he explained. “People was wondering, what’s going on, why he’s not really shouting me out or repping me, why I don’t really got no Swizz Beatz lately? A lot of people were confused and didn’t know the behind the scenes information.”
“Before it got on every blog, right after I put it on there, he wrote some messages,” Cassidy continued. “Not even a direct message, he just responded and wrote me some messages back and I think he erased it not too long after that because he didn’t want everybody to know what we was going through."
“That’s not something I wanted the world to be involved in, what we was going through," Cassidy added. "I just wanted him to reach out to me because we made history together. He was a good support system. Even though I’m a stand-up n***a, it’d be easier to stand if you got the support from a dude like Swizz. So I just was trying to reach out to him, let the past be the past, start from scratch and move forward.”


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