Jessica White On Celibacy

Jessica White On Celibacy:
Swimsuit model Jessica White may be known for dating stars like Trey Songz and Sean Penn(?), but the brown-skinned beauty is letting everyone that nobody is getting her goodies again any time soon. White is currently celibate and shared her reasons for giving up 'giving it up.'
"Women nowadays, we connect physically too soon without actually getting to know the person," she says. "If you don’t actually give this person your body and then they let you down, there really isn’t a great disappointment; not like it would be if you have already connected physically. I started going on that journey, and I thought to myself, you know what, the next man that I give my body to will be the man that God brought into my life."
"I never said that I’m going to wait until marriage," she clarified. "I said it would be a man that I actually know is going to put a ring on my finger. It’s just about me connecting with God and God confirming that this is the man he has created for me. I’m a realist about it. People took that out of context. I said the next man that I sleep with hopefully will be my husband. That’s what I said and I meant that."


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