Lupe Fiasco Upholds Stance On Obama

Lupe Fiasco Upholds Stance On Obama
Lupe Fiasco isn't backing down from his declaration that Barack Obama is 'the biggest terrorist.' During a radio interview in Chicago, the rapper elaborated on why he called out the president and will continue to do so.
“Well first of all, let’s build it all up together," Lupe told Power 92’s Tone Kapone. "We from Chicago, one of the most corrupt cities when it comes to politics,” he said. “You just go around the city and see the political corruption and everything like that, our Barack Obama comes from that. I’m not putting that out there to say that he’s a corrupt dude or anything like that, but understand where we come from politically and what we see, so we keep it 100 when it comes to our political officials.”
“If America is the biggest terrorist organization on earth, if we have the title of being the greatest military wing war machine on the planet, which we have," he added. "We have the biggest military on earth, we have the biggest military budget on earth - so much so that we finance other people’s military. We send them our excess jets and boats and planes to go and kill people. So if the President’s title is not only President of the United States of America, but is also Commander in Chief of the armed forces - the military, the Army, the Navy - and we’re looked at as being the biggest terrorist organization on earth, then why wouldn’t the president or the leader of that biggest terrorist organization on earth be considered one of the biggest terrorists on earth?”


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