Swizz Beatz Working With School

Swizz Beatz Working With School
Superproducer Swizz Beatz and the Bronx Charter School for the Arts are joining forces to celebrate the history and culture of the Bronx. Swizz and graf artist Cope 2 are launching the "Bronx Flavor" campaign, sponsored by Pepsi.
The campaign celebrates 'the rich history of the Bronx, by providing residents with healthy lifestyle decisions that embody the spirit of the city.' and the event (which takes place July 14) will feature food, Pepsi beverages, and dance stations focusing on everything form breakdancing to Zumba.
According to AllHipHop, Swizz Beatz and Cope 2 will also be hosting live art installations alongside parents, students and Bronx Charter School faculty members.


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