Apple Wins, Game Over

Some people believe that iPhone 5, which is expected to launch in September or, perhaps, October, will be a radical departure. Others believe it will be a more muted development.
However, when this video of a concept iPhone 5 emerged, it allowed people to dream, which is something people do better than, well, live. So, with more than 6 million YouTubers now having stared at this thing, created by the 3D animated folks at Aatma Studio, the time has come to decide what this might be.

It's clearly not iPhone 5. It's a lot thinner than the MacBook Air and more bracingly exciting than skinny-dipping with beach volleyballers of your target sex. Bathe in the imagination of the laser keyboard. Marvel at the ingenuity of the hologram display, which comes at you and projects itself into your life. Yes, you might wish to wonder just what kind of battery could possibly support this amount of frenzy. But, let's be scientific here. How possible might it be that this would be, say, iPhone 8 or iPhone 9? Just imagine if someone left this little bundle of joy in a bar. Would we ever hear the last of it? Would humanity ever be the same again?


Anonymous said…
I thought of this in my head years ago, and what about a computer that shines the same light...oh and my other idea, furniture that comes from light, and tv's that do the same as this phone, you can pack up your house in two sec...and to make the flying cars, the main thing is make the bottom of the car reject gravity slowly, it will float up...etc...but keep going science and tech, the world is ready. Signing of Tracy Cousins 10/30/1979
michael said…
dont be idiots: been around since 2006 or earlier.. im mad now.

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