B.o.B. Going Nashville?

B.o.B. Going Nashville?
Rapper B.o.B. has revealed an interest in stepping outside of his alt-rap roots and trying on another genre. The Atlanta native says that he would love to work on a country project. He also revealed that he would like to produce 'meditation' music.
"I want to produce a country album for a country singer," B.o.B. explained in an interview. "I feel like country music has a certain kind of pocket. It all sonically [comes together]. Are you ready to get satisfied sonically?"
"And then I want to do an album that is completely meditation music," he added. "It's going to be like a little project. It won't just be for people who like to sleep to it, meditate or are into yoga. It'll be like even if you weren't into all that, you'll be listening to it and thinking: 'Man this is dope, yeah!'"


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