Eve Speaks On Women In Hip Hop

Eve Speaks On Women In Hip Hop
Ever so often, Eve pops up to remind everyone that she's still breathing. The Philly-born femcee spoke recently about the lack of female emcees in hip hop and who some of her favorite current artists right now. Still no word on if/when she will return to recording.
"People ask me [about females in rap] all the time. It’s weird. I don’t know where all the females are," she says. "By the way, I meet females all the time that tell me, “Yeah, I’m an MC,” and I’m always like, “Good luck, God bless. Make it happen. We need more females.”
"I still have people on my list who I’ve been wanting to work with forever like OutKast," she added. "Andre 3000, I think is amazing. Adele is amazing. Drake is dope, as far as hip-hop goes. So there’s a lot of different people, but nobody I’m loving at the top of my list right now, though."


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