Game On His Problem With Jay-Z:

MempHitZ Issues Statement On Arrest
Rapper Game is one of hip hop's biggest drama The Compton emcee has been taking shots at everyone from Amber Rose to Lil B lately, but it was his dig at Jay-Z on the track "Uncle Otis" that got a lot of folks talking. Game finally opened up--sort of--and explained why he has a problem with Jay.
“I met Jay-Z a long time ago in the 40/40 Club and he seemed like a cool dude and I asked him something—‘How do you stay relevant?’—and I ain’t really like his answer. So ever since then I just kinda take shots here and shot there,” Game said in an interview with radio personality Big Boy.
When he was pressed for more information, Game backed off. “I’ll tell you off air, anybody else who wants to know, just follow me on Twitter and ask me.” But he later wrote down his reason for beefing with Jay-Z and had someone else read it on the air. His note allegedly read: “Most of you new rappers won’t last long anyway, maybe you should think of another lane.”


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