Ice-T Blasts Reality Stars?

Ice-T Blasts Reality Stars?
Rapper Ice-T was less-than-sensitive regarding the news of the apparent suicide of Russell Armstrong, husband of Taylor Armstrong from "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills." Ice-T tweeted his thoughts about the coverage of Armstrong's death and caught a little flack for what he said.
"Bad joke..but alotta those wives would make me consider it," he said in regards to the suicide. When the media got wind of his joke, he fired another shot. "The lack of people caring about REAL issues has caused the media to focus on dumb s--t like TWITTER comments."
He also blasted several reality shows in a recent interview. Despite the fact that Ice has his own reality show with his wife, Coco.
"A guy asked me my key to success & whats the difference between us. I said 'Did you see the last 3 episodes of Jersey Shore?' Yes 'I didn't," he said. "Speaking on '...Wives' shows--are any of the 'Basketball Wives' even married? So shouldn't it be called 'Basketball Dumped H--s?'"
"Hey! People love to call my wife a H--," he added. "Well at least she is a WIFE."


Imani said…
The point is he has a REALITY SHOW, like Real Housewife or Basketball Wives. It's cameras following around their drama.

Dissing those who puts themselves out there is not cool. They know once they go public, it's free all. I call them "crazy" and "brave". Crazy for wanting to be on a reality show, and brave to having the b---- to do so.

Personally, I don't watch reality tv that much. I have enough drama in my own house to live through someone else's.

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