J. Cole Supports Singing Rappers

J. Cole Supports Singing Rappers
Rapper J. Cole shared his perspective on emcees who also dabble in vocalizing. Cole says people should be more open to rappers singing and vice versa, because its just another step in hip hop's ongoing evolution.
"I think it's dope [that some rappers sing and some singers rap]. Why not?," he said. "Who says Drake can't sing if he wants to sing? Who said Chris Brown can't rap if he wants to rap? It's just adding another facet to your style. It's just evolution man. The sad truth is, if some of our legends from the past came out now, people would think they were boring. You've just got to find a balance."
"I don't even think they take themselves seriously - they just want to come on," he added. " If I could sing, I would sing just like Chris Brown. Someone like Trey Songz, I feel like he genuinely loves rapping and that's fine. Some singers may not be your favorite rapper, but maybe they don't give a f**k and their rapping helps them express something they can't by singing."


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