Jill Scott On Open Relationships

Jill Scott On Open Relationships:
Jill Scott set off a mini-firestorm on Twitter today (August 3) when she asked about open relationships. Scott says she isn't in one but has been hearing a lot about them and has mulled whether or not they can work.
"What do u think about "open" relationships. Been considering," Jill tweeted. "Many friends are making it work. Not sure if I'm that girl but not sure if I'm not. Sometimes there's an understanding that nobody else gets."
"@djknowgud i'm really not saying I'm into it," she added. "Just curious and considering. I think it's cool 4 the guy but when it's the girls turn..pralum"
Her friend Chilli jumped in quickly. "@missjillscott i'm about to call u cuz u can't b in nobody's OPEN relationship!! talk about a horrible situation!!! so answer ur phone!!" she tweeted. "HELL NAW to open relationships!!!!"


Michael A. said…
"open relationships".. "friends with benefits"... if you don't see yourself committing exclusively to a person, keep it at that and you will avoid the heartbreak. Oh, and first and foremost, maintain the utmost honesty.
Anonymous said…
OPEN RELATIONSHIP IS WHY AIDS IS SO WORLD WIDE SPREADED!!! Dont put urself out there like that. Most men suggest open relationships bcause they want their cake n ice cream too n most women deal with it bcause they feel that they dont deserve a true Real love, relationship and/or marriage but WE DO...Wait on GOD and he'll provide who and what you need in ur life...Be Blessed Ms. Scott...
tamara prince said…
Ok ms Jill...I'm not sure persoally if. I could do it cuz I'm not into sharing & i would definatly let my feelings n emotions get in the way. Honestly tho many say tht they make it work but how open & honest can an open relationship be. What would it b a live in booty call? If so...why not just b friends with benefits! Jus my opinion; )
Anonymous said…
I just feel that she is asking a question. Everyone jumping on her back for nothing. She was just curious. I say no to open relationships because there are too many diseases out here and I think a relantionship between two people is beautiful. But to each its own. I just know me, I don't like to share.
Imani said…
I'll strongly consider it, depending on the situation.

Personally, I have my own brand and writing career I need to focus on. Getting into an exclusive relationship might complicate things.

As for STD's, why would I have sex with ANYONE without a condom? That's not only crazy, but it's suicide.

If he and I are meant to be, we'll eventually change our status to "exclusive".

Until then as I stated earlier, it depends the situation. I never know what tomorrow may bring. #justkeepinitreal

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