Jon Connor Responds To Lawsuit

Jon Connor Responds To Lawsuit
Flint, MI rapper Jon Connor is addressing the lawsuit that was filed against him by the widow of late rapper MC Breed. Connor recorded a tribute song to Breed that sampled a snippet of the fallen star's early 1990s hit "Ain't No Future In Yo Frontin.'"
"Really, that was a situation that people just made too much out of. All I'ma say on that is I'm not one for the muscling," Connor says. "It's so much negativity that surrounds my's a tribute. It wasn't a negative thing. It was a tribute song. I'ma ride for his memory no matter what. If it wasn't for that man, I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing. That was the first song I knew the words to, so as far as that situation, that's pretty much nothing."
"You know what? I really couldn't tell you [why she took offense,]" he continued. "The mathematics is simple. A tribute is a tribute." "You know, it's crazy to me," he added. "I did it with all positive intentions, and I'm not gonna let anyone turn it into anything negative. God bless her and whatever she does in the future. But I'm good. And what I did is what I did, and I did it for the right reasons."


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