Kelly Rowland On Flings

Kelly Rowland On Flings:
Kelly Rowland opened up about her dating happens in a recent VIBE interview. The R&B star revealed that she isn't a big fan of flings--even though she's had her 'situations.' She also shared that she isn't one to discriminate when it comes to dating.
"I like a Mr. Right. I don’t want them hopping around with Sarah, Michelle, Jessica… I want him to be mine," she responded when asked if she preferred a 'Mr. Right' or a 'Mr. Right Now.' But Rowland was honest about whether or not she'd ever had a casual fling. "Um… [giggles]. Okay, yeah, I did have a situation like that. In London. And it was cool."
"But generally, that’s not how I get down."
Kelly also revealed that she's not shy about dating outside of her race. "Absolutely," she said with a laugh. "I’ve been down with the swirl."


Mr.BiggieBoom said…
Lawd she too sexy......
Chrystal said…
You are a talented and beautiful artist - you have a lovely singing voice. I'm delighted to read/see that you are finally getting some of the recognition that you so rightfully deserve. As far as your personal business is concerned, it is just that, personal.
PhD2B said…
i met kelly once, many, MANY years ago in houston. she is easily one of the sweetest people, period; not just in the business. that said, i am so happy to see ms. kelly allowing the public in to her grown @$$ woman/sexy side!! ps. <3 the new album!

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