Kendrick Lamar Praises DMX

Kendrick Lamar Praises DMX
Young rapper Kendrick Lamar has been vocal about his admiration for 2Pac's life and music. It turns out Lamar is also a huge fan of troubled rapper DMX. Lamar revealed that X's early work provided a template for him as a youngster.
“Well, I started rhyming off of DMX's first album,” Lamar explained. “I’ll never forget I was in 7th grade [and] my homie Antonio just threw the CD in my hand said ‘Listen to this.’ I put that in man and I was blasting it and I started penning my own music.”
Like the classic debuts of many 80s and 90s rapper, Lamar also said that his first album will be low on features. “I really want to go dolo on it because I really want to get the full story out and make it make sense. If I do do a feature it has to make a hundred percent, the best sense,” the rapper revealed. “I don’t really wanna force nothing. Well, all of my music. Even the features I do within my camp, them features have to make sense with me. I can’t just do it just because.”


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