Kimberly Locke Wants Eminem?

Kimberly Locke Wants Eminem?
Kimberly Locke, of "American Idol" fame, recently revealed just who she would love to do a collaborative project with. The sweet Southern belle's artist of choice couldn't be further removed from who most fans would expect.
"I would love to work with Eminem," Locke told SOHH. "I would. I love Eminem. I love everything that he represents. I love his [talent]. He is so talented. I love his storytelling and the passion behind his raps and what he raps about. He's not afraid to tell a story when a lot of people shy away from telling certain stories. He just puts it all out there. He likes 'Whatever, this is what it is.'"
No idea what an album with the two of them could sound like.


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