Lupe Fiasco Plans To Feed 100 People During The Month Of Ramadan

Lupe Fiasco Plans To Feed 100
Rapper Lupe Fiasco has announced that his Block By Block initiative plans to feed 100 Chicagoans every day for the rest of August in honor of Ramadan. The campaign expanded from its initial one day approach to now lasting for more than half a month.
“Well basically, it’s an extension of something that we’re trying to do every year, specifically around the month of Ramadan,” he said. “We basically go and just provide hot meals to different parts of the community around the city.”
“Basically, [we're] just feeding 100 people every day until the end of the month," he continued. "And hopefully we’ll expand it. So last year, we just did it for a day. This year, we’re doing it for 15, 20 days, and hopefully, it’s something that we keep expanding on. It’s one of the little initiatives we do as part of the Lupe Fiasco Foundation in the community. [At the] same time, too, having educational programs and different stuff like that.”


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