Mack Maine On "Tha Carter IV

Mack Maine On ''Tha Carter IV:''
With so many fans and media expressing disappointment over Lil Wayne's long-awaitedTha Carter IV, it looks like the Young Money camp is already trying to spin things so that it doesn't look like Weezy failed to deliver a satisfying follow-up the successful Tha Carter III.
Mack Maine says that no one expected IV to be III.
"[Wayne] actually told us if he don't do those same numbers again as C3 don't be mad," Mack admitted. "I said this before -- I told Nicki [Minaj] -- she was kinda nervous about her first-week sales -- I said, 'First week sales don't matter.' I'd rather my final sales matter. I know albums from Juvenile 400 Degreez to [Justin] Beiber's first album sold 20, or 30,000 the first-week and went onto sell 2 million one album then 6 million on another album."
"I saw [Lady] Gaga did the 99 cent thing [and] then [her] second-week it did like 175,000," he added. "Congratulation as it relates to her. With Wayne, I don't want him to sell a million the first-week, [and] then drop to 100,000 the next week then 50,00 the following week. I'd rather sell ten times platinum total."


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