Miguel On Freaky Tweeting

Miguel On Freaky Tweeting:
Miguel is wary of saying too much via digital screens. The singer shared his thoughts on 'sexting' and freaky tweets in a recent interview. Miguel says he's not against it--but we all should be careful about what we say digitally.
"People are way more bold texting and Facebook-ing things than they are saying it," he says. "You might say something that's a little more forward than if you were in person. I'm always on Twitter and BBM; it's definitely, um, helpful. I try not to do it too much on Twitter, though. You could make a huge mistake--you think you're sending a direct message [to one person] but you're sending a tweet to everyone [laughs]."


shaibby1995 said…
Its his life he is a grown man and let him do what ever he wants

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