Steve Stoute On Jay-Z Vs. Lil Wayne

Steve Stoute On Jay-Z Vs. Lil Wayne:
Steve Stoute shared his perspective on the slightly one-sided beef between rappers Lil Wayne and Jay-Z. Wayne recently dissed Jay on the track "It's Good" from his new album,Tha Carter IV, and some fans have been waiting to see if and when Jay would respond. But Stoute says that Jay should no longer concern himself with anything as petty as rap beefs.
"For Jay-Z to do ANYTHING that resembles moving backwards right now would be insane," he said. "And a Jay-Z beef is moving backwards. Jay is SO MUCH bigger than rap at this point. He’s a movement. And THAT’S where his head is at. That’s where his focus is. And NO ONE is on his level, even worthy of him battling with. No one. So you probably won’t see that happen."
Jay has yet to speak publicly or on record about Weezy's barbs.


dees215 said…
Sorry to break it to you mister stoute but your high and mighty Jay Z started the beef so for you to say Jay would be going backward if he responds is ludicrous. It's like your saying it's ok for Jay to talk shit about another but for him to respond to beef that he started you say he bigger than that? Bigger than rap? What no 1 man is bigger than rap, what are you smoking?Jay at shit in the south...

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