Tyler, the Creator Blasts Bruno Mars

Tyler, the Creator Blasts Bruno Mars
Tyler, the Creator still doesn't like Bruno Mars. The Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All frontman revealed that the is still bad blood--at least on his end--between he and Mars. Tyler admitted as much during an MTV Video Music Awards pre-show.
"I might kill myself," Tyler responded when asked what his reaction would be to Mars beating him in a category. Even after Mars paid tribute to late soul singer Amy Winehouse, Tyler could only give him back-handed praise. "He put on a good performance. But I still hate his f--king music," Tyler said.
It is unclear if there's any kind of personal element to Tyler's contempt for Mars--or if it's just Tyler being Tyler.


Anonymous said…
im pretty sure he's dwelling on "Grenade." most people who say they dislike Bruno mainly dislike that song because of its lyrics which people took too literally. i dont like Tyler's music but he is a funny dude

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