Common On Erykah & Serena Stories

Common explained his decision to talk openly about his past relationships in his autobiography,One Day It'll All Make Sense. The rapper's memoir has already landed on the New York Times Bestseller List, and he says that this was the best way for him to share his experiences.
He also said that he wanted to show people that he goes through relationship issues the same as anyone else.
"I feel like this is the medium to do it," Common said in an interview. "When I'm in a relationship, I'm not going to parade that relationship. It's not for public consumption. It's my life. But when I'm talking about things that happened in the past, this is perfect for me...The stories I'm telling are not only to entertain," he continued, "but they're there to inspire and to relate to and to say, 'Man, this guy is not perfect, this guy been through some of the same things I've been through and he just decided to make some choices and is doing well. But he's still a work in progress."


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