Fabolous Praises AZ

Rapper Fabolous had nothing but words of praise for fellow NYC rhymer AZ when recently asked who was the most underrated lyricist in hip hop. Fabo singled out the Queens emcee, in particular, saying that AZ had a huge effect on him as a younger rapper.
"I grew up listening to AZ and Nas, you know, he's one of the lyricists that I feel doesn't get a lot of recognition, but I know a lot of people listened to him coming up," Fab said in an interview referring to AZ. "His word play and the way he made words rhyme was particularly how I [modeled my word play]. I always paid attention to anybody who raps in a similar format, similar approaches to styles."
"Salute [to] AZ," Fab added. "I seen [him] a couple times in the supermarket, we both live in the same kind of neighborhood. I don't want to disclose where he lives-- I really don't know where he lives -- but, I seen him out at the supermarket before."


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